The 5 Elements of Hip Hop

Graffiti, Emcee, DJing, B-Boy/B-Girl and Knowledge, which has its roots in Khemit/Africa

  1. Graffiti is the writing of language or the scribe that documents the history.

  2. Emcee is the oral griot, the conveyer of the Message.

  3. DJing is the heart beat, the drum of the art or movement; DJ comes from the Djembe drum.

  4. B-Boy/Girl is the exercise and the human expression through dance or body movement to keep the body in proper health.

  5. Knowledge is the reason why we are who we are where did our roots comes from, what is the beginning of Man and where are we today. How do we take the artistic expression of Hip Hop and find our purpose in LIFE! (Youth Organized and United to Help). is dedicated to creating charitable and educational events for our youth providing resources and workshops using the youth culture as a medium through the 5 elements of Hip Hop.